not-hot pants

let me make one thing clear: i like hot pants. as clothing they are not only awesome summer wear, but also pretty sexy. if the wearer is sexy. unfortunately quite a lot of them aren’t, making the term “hot” pant pretty absurd. honestly people, what is the sense of xxl hot pants. sailing? don’t get me wrong, i’m not actually skinny, but i definitely know, where my sexiness ends. i have a damn mirror and self-reflextion. don’t you? big can be beautiful, but only if the whole concept is right.

and don’t you think you’re better, skinny girls. if you are uncomfortable with the shortness of your pants, don’t wear them. don’t spend half your day picking on them to cover one more centimeter of ass. and stop wondering about a raised frequency of guys hitting on you. unfortunately your pants send a signal, whether you like it or not. i know the world would be a nicer place if males were a little bit less dick-driven, but that’s plain fact. so cope with it or reduce the view on your legs.

btw. all of the above is equally valid for major cleavages, transparent clothing and the like.
me out.


f****n’ bagpacks

while i totally understand the usefulness of bagpacks, i still struggle with the motor abilities of their owners. yeah, it’s amazing, how many things you can fit in there, but please comprehend that this also means your personal size changes dramaticly. if i got hit on the head while sitting on the train, just because you’re too stupid to realise that with a bagpack your rear body doesn’t end with your ass anymore, i have a very strong urge to scatter you, your bagpack and its contents all over the place. take the stupid thing off and place it on the floor, burn it in the park or put it in the shredder, but stop acting like a complete idiot that bothers the hell out of me.

thank you!