disruption – or why lego is the new world order

most people probably agree, that we’re living in an era, which is defined by change. the question is: how do we anticipate this change. for the majority it probably isn’t any different from former times. things have always changed…a little. but this is not what i’m talking about. nor are many others who realised that paradigms are shifting rapidly. that we are not looking at a common generation shift, but at major changes. whether it’s society, economy, ethics, religion and the like – many of our “traditional” values and points of view aren’t valid anymore or underwent so many differentiations, that we don’t recognise them as known.

the underlying problem with this is the instability it causes. instability creates fear in most people. they need security. financial. social. emotional. in former days this security was mainly provided by religion. religion was always a common ground, no matter which religion it was. it told people how to behave, what’s right or wrong and that in the end everything will be alright, if you behaved accordingly. pretty easy. too easy. for real life religion today is nothing more than an add-on. if you have it, fine. if you don’t, you still can live a fulfilled and satisfying life.

but only if you can cope with disruption. and change. and stop relying on what you think is true and right. because nothing is anymore. for most people this is just scary. they need a definition for everything. they want to reap what they saw. the unknown seems to be their enemy. mostly because they can’t control it. but they don’t realise, that they also don’t control what they know. it might feel like they do, but from a different standpoint they just don’t. because change is just post-modern. and just half-true. we life in the age of disruption and i love it. though everything moves too slow. due to common angst. sadly.

i know anticipating the new is hard, scary and sometimes exhausting, but these are the times we are living in. you can’t deny them and you can’t avoid them, so live them. think of them like a box of lego. you know your pieces and probably all standards you can build with them, but they offer so much more. you can create whatever you want while still using pieces you know. you can destroy what you build and make it better or different. you can throw every plan you know overboard and start from scratch. and you don’t have to change the basics you already got. you just have to rearrange them, give them new meaning or redefine the scenery. you have a thousand possibilities. which is exhausting, i admit it. but it is also the most beautiful gift you ever got.

it means, besides all governmental control, the nsa, facebook, google and the like you are still able to preserve individual freedom. you are in control of your life, your happiness, your soul. but you have to live in the now to be able to use that privilege. anticipate the world around you and how it influences your life. and then take all the bricks that make you happy and build a life that fits you and don’t try to fit life, because then you can only loose. take your lego box and rebuild the world the way you like it. you know the parts…make the best of it. and the most beautiful.

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