winter is coming…




standing around stupid

while being a fan of taking a slower pace, i totally hate stupid people in my way. when you get off a train, you don’t stop instantly in front of the door for orientation. same rule for escalators and elevators. when you enter a train, the same is valid. move forward so the rest of us commuters can get on, too. if you meet friends on the street, don’t block the hole pavement while talking. find a fuckin cafĂ© or invite them home.
if you shop more than 2 items in the grocery store take a basket or a shopping cart, when you are too motorically disabled to handle items, cash, and conversation simultaneously. people will hate you for not being able to quickly leave the till because you’re totally out of your depth due to counting money while balancing, cheese, milk and wine. what about using your head to estimate roughly what you have to pay and prepare your money while waiting in line?
if you…if you…if you…don’t stop. keep moving.