jail brake

20140311-221208.jpgi have a booking in munich. so far, so good. but the agency wasn’t able to get an appropriate hotel for tonight. champions league. munich vs. arsenal. most hotels in the vicinity of the city centre double their rates for this. result: mediocre rooms for premium prices. which i’m not willing to pay. so i go hunting for reasonable accomodation. with little success, at least when i want a room of my own. so i think to myself: “try back to basic!” meaning “book a hostel!” maybe they changed since the last time i occupied one.

when i arrive at the place around 7:30 pm i instantly know i was wrong. everything is as it used to be. the entrance/bar/internet/reception area is overcrowded with people. all ages, many nationalities. which could be really nice, if some of them weren’t confusing hostel and hostility. i don’t get it. if i pay 23€/night in munich i can’t expect a personal butler or even a smile. and if that bothers me, fucking up other people isn’t the right solution. being surrounded by screaming italians who try to get in front of me at the reception because they are too stupid to understand their check-in documents i try to maintain the german politeness. which is quite hard since i normally give a shit about being polite. the reception guy seems to be on my site. he ignores the italians and gives everything to serve me well. despite the 50 or so people belonging to different travelling groups which are already half drunk and try to imitate oktoberfest vibes.

like i said, he served me well, but he could also be a prison guard. he hands me a bondaged set of duvet covers and a hard-washed towel and gives me directions to my 8-person sleeping room. on my way i discover several disconcerning signs. “don’t throw stuff from the balcony.” “don’t puke in the hallway.” “garbage cans aren’t toilets.” to name just a few. i realise that i obviously haven’t lowered my expectations enough. with that in mind i enter my “room”.

first impression: i got upgraded…it’s a six-persons room. with only two occupants. minimalistic and clean. to put it positively. one of the occupants already made himself comfortable. his name is “Io” and he’s from japan. seems to be nice. then he asks where i got my cover/towel-package and i realise including him there are three occupants. and he made himself comfortable in another guys bed. which i tell him. it’s always astonishing how asian people can express total embarassement with minimal gestures. and i never saw someone rearrange a bed as quickly as he did. amazing. while he’s gone to fetch his package, i prepare my bed. well, my lower part of the bed. and i curse my decision to never join the army. putting a starched blanket over a rubber-coated matress is one hell of a task. as you can see, i wasn’t that succesful. but hey, it’s sufficient for one night.

after putting my valuables in my “well-secured” locker i’m eager to leave the place, hoping my belongings will still be there, when i return. meanwhile i enter some bar to watch the game and sedate myself with some delicious bavarian brewery products, hoping my soon to be room mates don’t snore as hardcore as i do. and looking forward to two more weeks in a nice full-service hotel with one person per room.

good night, everyone

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