if you are ever unsure about the difference between tolerance and acceptance, bavaria or munich is the place for you. i’ve been booked in munich for some weeks right now and stayed at a hotel in sendling for the last four of them. due to a scarcity of visitable restaurants in the vicinity i always end up in the pub next to the hotel. which is alright. home-cooked food and reasonable prices plus some soccer. which means i’ve been here almost every day during the week. i know the residents, i know the troubles. i’m normally a peoples person. but here rules are different. they tolerate me. because i leave money here. which means their favourite pub can maintain business better. but thats all there is to it. they talk and i make comments. which are totally ignored. no chance to fit in, no matter how eleoquent and basically witty i am. last week the owners son-in-law was in. a really nice guy. we had a great talk. this week he’s in again. not talking to me at all. guess he got some corrective orders by his wifes mum. why, i don’t understand. at first. looking back i understand…don’t get too close. tolerate, but don’t make aliens too comfortable. you might have to accept them and that obviously is way too much to ask for. maybe if they live here long enough and behave according to the silent bavarian rules then maybe we value you according to what you are. but only maybe.
people are strange.