commution 1

for the next few weeks i’ll be a classic commuter between cologne and duesseldorf. that means approx. 3 hours a day in the public transportation system. enough time to hunt for exciting still lives in my vicinity.
catch of today:


he sits at the window with hard-trained coolness, his rocked-down skateboard leaning on his leg, defining his styling program: well-worn sneakers, baggy jeans, a bright green windbreaker over a vans hoodie, a black beanie and on-ear headphones. one hand holds a bottle of after-work brew, while the other carries an open book. irritation number one. a cool skater kid reading a book? wtf? the next glance goes to the face and irritation number two: the guy is probably in his mid-thirties…at least on paper. the eyes flick back to the book, and the final irritation: it’s a stylish parenting guidebook.

strange new world. what’s next?