never all by myselfie

who, where, why, what are you ? for some time now society seems to have a new answer to these essential questions: the #selfie. while it was somehow cheezy to act like an inverted helmet cam some time ago, presenting yourself in every thinkable position and surrounding all the time seems legit rigt now. the somewhat sad record: kim kardashian taking 1200 selfies in 6!!! days. wtf! why? kanye can’t miss her that much while she resides in thailand. my first thought on the selfie was what a great way to show all the big brothering states and enterprises the finger just by being so completely transparent that every observation is made obsolete. then i realised it’s not the finger but probably sheer lack of self-awareness. why do i need a thousand likes for everything i do? and what does this say about the state of society? are we so insecure about our own lifes? do we care so little about our own space, time and awareness? cause imho that’s what the “transparency” does. enhancing your already existing profiling online and offline by providing even more information. information that sooner or later will be used against you. sometimes obvious, sometimes hidden. pretty sure. have yourselfie a good one.